LNG as Fuel

Components for LNG Piping systems

SB Broneske - LNG Pipe Penetrations

SB Broneske produces special pipe penetrations for extreme temperatures. They are certified for bulkhead and deck. Our pipe penetrations have already been installed hundreds of times on cruise ships, ferries, passenger ships, offshore ships and other ship types. The SB Broneske LNG pipe penetrations for LNG piping systems have type approvals from the major classification societies.

SB Broneske - LNG Expansion Bellows

Heat expansion/shrinkage takes place in LNG lines and must be compensated through heat expansion elements. The most suitable thermal expansion elements are LNG expansion bellows which absorb expansion in axial and lateral directions. For this purpose, SB Broneske provides its customers with high-quality ‘Made in Germany’ products. The SB Broneske LNG expansion bellows for LNG piping systems have type approvals from various classification societies such as Lloyds Register.

SB Broneske - LNG Mounts

LNG pipes must be stored in a specific manner to keep the pressurized lines in their position and protect the pipes against tearing under extreme conditions. Impending disasters or capsizing present the worst case scenario. Furthermore, the mounts must allow thermal expansion. SB Broneske has developed LNG mounts for these special requirements.