Research & Development

Engineering Support for You

Engineering: Expertise and support

The SB Broneske expert team supports its customers with special solutions for each field of engineering.

SB Broneske designs with modern CAD systems like Solid Edge (3D Models) or AutoCAD (2D CAD), Finite-Element-Method (FEM).

SB Broneske develops modern materials and performs tests at modern test banches.

Managing projects

Special educated project engineers with excellent knownledge use SB Broneske standardized procedures to perform engineering projects.

The SB Broneske project management - the most standardized proceeding - minimises errors and increases the quality.

The standardized proceeding also includes a close contact to the customers and outstanding support.

The quality and performance of our products and services are important to us.

Design and production facilities

• Numerical analysis methods (FEM, Ansys, Sysnoise, SysVibraFEA, ASKA) 

• Modern noise measurment equipment

• Test branch facilities

• On-site support: Test, installation and supervision

• Expertise in acoustics

• Research centre for calculations and numerical simulation